Cross-country skiing tours

It doesn´t matter, if we imagine dozen modified cross-country skiing tracks of Kremnica hills, surroundings of Štrbské pleso, wide ridges of Javorníky, Kysucké Beskydy, or forest paths of Levočské vrchy and Nízke Tatry. Everywhere we think about the movement. Sometimes it has more sporty character on very well prepared tracks, meeting whizzing skating athletes. If there are only two deep lines in a snow, the movement is more about the pure joy of move, enjoying the beauty of winter nature, trees overloaded by snow and following crossing traces of animals. People can greet themselves and have a small talk…

Cross-country skiing is the most popular way of movement in winter. Compare to ski mountaineering gear is the cross-country equipment lower weight and at affordable price. Compare to snowshoes the benefit comes from speed, especially in downhills.

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